Rozmova Mission

Rozmova Films was birthed out of Vashti Goracke’s life long dream to advance dance on film. It is a sister organization to her company YACO Productions. Both organizations share the same mission of producing films that transcend cultural barriers by using the highly expressive language of movement. Rozmova’s individuality shines by creating dance films entirely through smart phone technologies instead of traditional film cameras. This allows Rozmova to have a quicker production rate and collaborate remotely with a broader range of artists.

Rozmova Team

Vice President of Rozmova Films, President of the Asian Artists Division, Director of Cross-Cultural Collaborations

Vice President of Rozmova Films, President of the Asian Artists Division, Director of Cross-Cultural Collaborations

Chelsea Davis

Ms Davis is passionate about the ability arts have to intersect with different cultures and unite people with truths that are understood by the senses. After helping with the formation of several dance initiatives, gleaning insight into development and arts administrative as an intern fot ArtsKC (Midwest America's regional arts council), aiding the 2015 Edgar Snow Symopsium, and acting in a number of roles as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher, Ms. Davis took a step towards the long term goal of building her dance career in Asia. She continues as a freelance artist based in Taiwan. Before moving overseas, Ms. Davis performed professionally with MeowWolf, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet, 3rd Law Dance/Theater, Störling Dance Theatre, DançaNova, Communitas Dance, and was a guest choreographer for Industrial Dance Alliance and co-choreographer for Communitas Dance's premeir performance where she and Vashti first met. Throughout her life she has been committed to mentorship and the pursuit of critical discussions brought about through true insight. Rozmova and its ability to work with artists in different locations collaboratively is a unique purpose Chelsea is grateful to pursue.

Founder, Owner, and President of Rozmova Films

Founder, Owner, and President of Rozmova Films

Vashti Goracke

Vashti's choreographic style has no limits when it comes to diversity.  Her creative style is an outward manifestation of an deep imagination that is constantly thinking, exploring, and developing new ways to move and showcase movement.  She has choreographed for operas, musicals, films, corporate and charitable events, churches, and concert dance venue. Click the link to discover more about Vashti on her professional profile.

Rozmova Future

Rozmova Films is in the process of becoming a not-for-profit organization while raising funds to complete a customized video streaming app and its first three films.

All rights to Rozmova Films in its entirety are reserved.