Dance Instructor



  • University of Kansas Substitute Ballet Teacher

  • Dance Faculty at the Lawrence Arts Center 
  • Certified Research PTSD in the Athletic Body
  • Choreography for Lawrence Opera Theatre
  • Adjudicator for Lincoln Ballet Midwest
  • Choreographer for Lawrence Ballet Theatre


Vashti's teaching methods stem from years of classical training in ballet, modern, and jazz dance, and practicum and anatomy classes from the University of Kansas, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and the Juilliard School.  She has spent years of dedicated research on the mechanics of the human body internally and externally. Her teaching abilities include ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, stiletto jazz, pantomime, partnering, musical theatre dance, improv, and choreography. 



"My 12 year old daughter took several privates from Vashti to further her development of proper placement in her pointe shoes and to begin working on turns on pointe.  The instruction she received was exceptional.  Vashti carefully geared the 4 sessions to build on one another, providing feedback throughout.  She utilized a variety of teaching methods from explanation to demonstration, including detailed information on physiology as well as mental imagery.  Vashti takes a broad approach to dance, aiming to not only meet the desires of the dancer at that moment in time, but to also look toward the dancerโ€™s future, paying particular attention to important injury prevention techniques.  What was unexpected and very appreciated was the time Vashti spent to have a frank conversation with my daughter about her future goals and how to meet them.  Her level of caring about all of her students and her personal investment in trying to pull their best efforts out of them is unparalleled.  In short, I was extremely pleased with the improvement I saw across the board in just 4 lessons.  Privates with Vashti are now an incentive for good hard work."  - Cindy Bracker-Sturm, Lawrence, KS


"My daughter enjoyed dancing so much - especially jazz! When she had a bad fall at school last August and badly sprained her ankle and contused her foot, everything came to a screeching halt.  Not only could she no longer dance, but she could hardly bear any weight on it at all. She was in a brace and physical therapy for several months, but re-injuries continued.  Being off that foot and leg for so long had compounded the injury.  She wanted to start dancing again, but we knew that jumping back into classes could set us back indefinitely. Luckily, we learned that Vashti could take her as a private student in dance therapy!  I'd never heard of it, but it made perfect sense - dance was so motivating to my daughter, and Vashti definitely understood what would be required to get her, literally, back on her feet and dancing again.  My daughter leaves her lessons red-faced and drenched in sweat, but happy and enthusiastic to return.  Vashti put together an exercise plan for use between lessons, with exercises aimed at gradually regaining the strength she needs to dance again.  In addition to putting a lot of thought into her care, Vashti understands how vulnerable my young teen's self-esteem is, and her guidance and direction are always compassionate and encouraging, empowering my daughter to keep working to get back to where she was.  We feel very lucky to have stumbled across this wonderful resource - it's been a great fit!!" -  Amy Waldron, Lawrence, KS


"Vashti was so great to work with! I went in needing someone to help with my upcoming college auditions and her knowledge, talent, and amazing ability to come up with flawless choreography on the spot made her the perfect choice! I would recommend her to anyone and would not hesitate to go to her if I need anything else when it comes to dance and movement." - Bridget Casad, Lawrence, KS