YACO Productions is where dance kisses film.  It was designed by Vashti to create dance on film that inspires, educates, and enriches audiences through the beauty and power of dance.  Every film connects to the imagination through a universal language - dance. YACO's purpose is to produce films that breach culture barriers by using the highly expressive language of movement. YACO has produced two films and looks forward to making more in the future. 

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Bear Ice shows how global warming effects the lives of polar bears in Arctic habitats. Through contemporary movement and expression a dancer portrays a female polar bear who is living in a vanishing world of ice. The story shows her (the polar bear's) vulnerability and struggle to survive and is a call to action to help fight climate change.

"Bear Ice" was created and produced by Vashti Goracke and was also choreographed and performed by Vashti Goracke. Logan Meis was director of photography and music was originally composed by Gavin Brivik. The set design was created by Ricardo Lopez. Still Photography was taken by Michelle Hudson, and the film was edited my Andrew M. McCarttar, Gabriel O’Connor, and Vashti Goracke. 



Angelic Rush is a story about two sisters who's spirits haunt a chapel. Busy people visiting the chapel never notice the spirits' presence except for one person that practices stillness. The spirits constant appearing and disappearing explores the reality of how the  monotony of life affects the observation of human beings. The result shows that only those who still themselves can see beyond the monotony of life. Stillness allows people to transcend past what is invisible and see what is real. 

Angelic Rush was co-choreographed by Natali Diaz and Vashti Goracke who perform the roles of the two sister angels.  The film also stars Willie Lenoir. Logan Meis was director of photography and music was originally scored by Gavin Brivik.  Andrew M. McCarrtar was Director's Assistant, and the film was edited by Andrew M. McCarttar and Gabriel O’Connor. Vashti Goracke directed and produced the film. Extras are not listed do to privacy but can be released upon request.